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Basic Electronics

Basic Electronics
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TBK052 Basic Electronics

Sinopsis: Basic Electronics was written for the student studying the principles and applications of electricity and electronics for the first time. No prior knowledge of the technical aspects of the subject is assumed. The first chapter of the text is a survey of the entire field of electricity and electronics, familiar and not-so-familiar applications, and the career apportunities it affords men and women today and in the future. The last chapter is on integrated circuits, the technology on the cutting edge of advancements in electronics. Between these two chapters, the book has a comprehensive coverage of subjects that form the heart of basic electronics. Beginning with the atomic nature of electricity, the topics progress through a study of resistors, an introduction to direct current, Ohm’s law, fundamental circuits, networks, measurements, magnetism, alternating current, inductance and capacitance, time constants, network analysis of ac circuits, resonance, and filters. These fundamentals form the basis for the study of electronic devices and circuits, transistor amplifiers, digital electronics, and integrated circuits. The study of communications, consumer electronics (radios, TVs, VCRs, etc.), industrial controls, microprocessors, and computers rests on these fundamentals.

Penulis: Bernard Grob

Penerbit: McGraw-Hill Book Company

Tahun Terbit: 1989/Sixth Edition

Berat: 1750 gram

Dimensi: 20 x 25 cm

Jumlah Halaman: 948

Bahasa: Inggris

Kondisi: Bekas (Bagus)



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Basic Electronics

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