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HYMNS Ancient & Modern

HYMNS Ancient & Modern
Tanggal : October 31, 2012
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TKR0741 HYMNS Ancient & ModernSinopsis: When the Second Supplement was  added to Hymns Ancient and Modern it was found necessary to alter the size of the large Musical Edition. The type was reset, and a new book in large octavo was issued in 1922 to take the place of the two previously existing quartos.

Similarly it has now been found desirable to reset the smaller Musical Edition in a slightly larger format.

The size is new, but not the contents. This volume is simply the current edition, with its two Supplements recast. In resetting the type, however, the opportunity has been taken (here, as in the large Musical Edition) of introducing, in the method of printing the hymns, certain rearrangements and minor changes, which will, it is believed, be found convenient.

Nothing in the current edition has been omitted, but all has been recast in a more convenient form.

Penerbit: William Clowes & Sons

Berat: 750 gram

Dimensi: 14 x 19,5 cm

Jumlah Halaman: 672

Bahasa: Inggris

Kondisi: Bekas (Cukup)

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HYMNS Ancient & Modern

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