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Info Word: Understanding Networks

Info Word: Understanding Networks
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TBK054 Info Word: Understanding Networks

Sinopsis: The image of personal computing in the business environment is undergoing a major change. Not too long ago, the image was of a single individual running a word processor or spreadsheet progam to increase his or her productivity. Today, you’re just as likely to see that person using a personal computer connected to other personal computers via a Local Area Network, or LAN.

The reason is simple. While word processing and spreadsheet modeling have been very successful, they aren’t enough. Most people don’t work alone; they work with other people and need to be able to share information and resources. Networks help by making it easy for people in a department or workgroup to share both information and expensive personal computer peripherals. The information can range from simple spreadsheet models to records in a shared relational database. The peripherals can include fast, high-quality printers, very large disk drives, and connections to other, larger computers. Thus, computing using a local area network can be both more efficient and less expensive than a series of personal computers that stand alone.

In this book, Raphael Needleman, InfoWorld’s Executive Editor for Reviews, explains both the basic concepts behind networks and the intricate terminology which network “guru” use. He examines the kinds of networking products currently available, the issues involved in setting up and maintaining a network, and the directions that networks will go in the future.

Penulis: Raphael Needleman

Penerbit: Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Tahun Terbit: 1990

Berat: 650 gram

Dimensi: 18 x 25 cm

Jumlah Halaman: 244

Bahasa: Inggris

Kondisi: Bekas (Bagus)


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Info Word: Understanding Networks

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