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Jesus Christ and Him Crucified

Jesus Christ and Him Crucified
Tanggal : September 17, 2014
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TKRT023 Jesus Christ and Him Crucified

Judul: Jesus Christ and Him Crucified

Sinopsis: Dr. Lloyd-Jones spent the greater part of the turbulent twentieth century in preaching the Word of  God. The convictions with which he began his ministry remained with him, and in all this time the message was the same. He preached on the words, “For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified” at the commencement of his ministry in 1926, and again, from the same pulpit, in February 1977. So the sermon contained in this booklet is a historic statement. But it is more. It is a persuasive presentation of the unchanging gospel which has brought salvation to people all over the world throughout the two millennia now ended, and which remains just as vitally relevant as the new millennium begins to unfold.

Penulis: D. Martyn Lloyd – Jones

Penerbit: The Banner of Truth Trust

Tahun Terbit: 1999

Berat: 50 gram

Dimensi: 12 x 18,5 cm

Jumlah Halaman: 32

Bahasa: Inggris

Kondisi: Baru

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Jesus Christ and Him Crucified

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