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My Neighbour – Myself

My Neighbour – Myself
Tanggal : July 28, 2016
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TKRT445 My Neighbour   Myself

Sinopsis: Christians around the world are seeking to understand the meaning of Chirstian service in today’s world. The challenges and questions are many: what does it mean to be a neighbour, both to those in our own communities and those in far-away places? How can Chirstian service, diakonia, become an essential part of the wider struggles for justice and peace? How can our commitment to solidarity be expressed through our churches and through our own lives?

This account is a collection of voices of people from all over the world – voices of grassroots activists and church leaders, of church agency representatives and aid recipients – who share their hopes and frustrations, their hopes and frustrations, their personal struggles and visions.

Based on interviews conducted at the Larnaca consultation on interchurch air, refugee and world service and richly illustrated with cartoons and photographs. My Neighbour – Myself challenges those seeking to respond to the gospel imperative to be neighbours to those in need.

Claudius Ceccon is executive secretary of the Popular Image Creation Centre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Kristian Paludan is film and development education consultant with Danchurch Air, Denmark.

Penulis: Claudius Ceccon & Kristian Paludan

Penerbit: Wcc Publications, Geneva

Tahun Terbit: 1988

Berat: 225 gram

Dimensi: 21 x 20,5 cm

Jumlah Halaman: 109

Bahasa: Inggris

Kondisi: Bekas (Cukup)


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My Neighbour – Myself

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