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Natural Nidality of Transmissible Diseases

Natural Nidality of Transmissible Diseases
Tanggal : April 15, 2013
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KEST005 Natural Nidality of Transmissible Diseases

Sinopsis: The late EUGENI PAVLOVSKY was a leading Soviet biologist, zoologist and parasitologist, Merited Worker in Science, member of many academics of science, both Soviet and foreign.

 E.N. Pavlovsky published about 800 scientific works, including several textbooks and monographs on parasitology and methods of studying parasites. A signal contribution to science were Pavlovsky’s investigations of  transmissible and parasitie diseases in various regions of the Soviet Union, in Iran, Iraq, and other countries. He made detailed studies of many insect and mite carriers of 

transmissible disease patogens, elicited the cycles of a number of pathogens in the carrier bodies and in nature, clarified the routes of infestation of animals and of man, evolved effective methods for combating certain disease-carriers, as well as methods of non-specifie prophylaxis.

 A number of important theoretical generalizations were reached by Pavlovsky; they have won universal acclaim and will have a telling effect on the further progress of medical geography, epidemiology, evolutionary parasitology and clinical practice. He created the theory of the organism as an environmental medium.

 In 1960 E.N. Pavlovsky convened special courses for the study of natural nidality of diseases, organized in the U.S.S.R. at the request of WHO for physicians and biologists from thirteen countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

 Eugeni Pavlovsky was twice awarded a State Prize; in 1965 he received a Lenin Prize for the present monograph.

 Penulis: E.N. Pavlovsky

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Natural Nidality of Transmissible Diseases

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