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Sexual Happiness in Marriage

Sexual Happiness in Marriage
Tanggal : November 16, 2012
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TKR020 Sexual Happiness in MarriageSinopsis: Is your marriage a chore or a joy? If you are missing the fulfillment you deserve in your marriage due to ignorance or fear….

If  you are unaware of the true joy and love that can be achieved through the understanding of basic sexual principles….  Then you should read Sexual Happiness in Marriage by Herbert J. Miles, Ph.D.

A frank, honest discussion of the role of sex in today’s marriages written by a man who has been a leader in the field of marriage counseling for over 20 years, and who has helped thousands of men and women find a new, exciting perspective on their lives. Attitudes and techniques essential to sexual compatibility are dynamically and tastefully examined including: The male and female anatomy, The dynamics of loveplay, Planned parenthood, Causes of sexual frustration.

Sexual Happiness in Marriage is an invaluable source of practical information for husbands, wives, engaged couple, teachers and professional counselors.

Penulis: Herbert J. Miles, M.D.

Penerbit: Zondervan Books

Tahun Terbit: 1976

Berat: 150 gram

Dimensi: 10 x 17,5 cm

Jumlah Halaman: 173

Bahasa: Inggris

Kondisi: Bekas

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Sexual Happiness in Marriage

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