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The New Bible Commentary: Revised

The New Bible Commentary: Revised
Tanggal : June 9, 2015
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TKRT004 The New Bible Commentary: Revised

Sinopsis: A one-volume commentary on the whole Bible by an international team of 50 contributors.

12 General Articles on such subjects as the authority of Scripture, revelation and inspiration, the history of Israel, the different types of biblical literature.

Introductions on authorship, date, historical and literary background, main themes and aims of each book of the Bible.

Outlines giving an over-all view of the structure and message of each book.

Commentary, divided into clear sections, designed to clarify the meaning of the text, deal with textual and historical difficulties, bring out the book’s essential message.

42 of the 78 commentaries and articles are completely new to this edition, including 5 additional General Articles ; the rest extensively revised.

Revision takes account of recent research which throws fresh light on the background, structure or meaning of the text ; the Commentary has been fully revised to answer the questions asked about the Bible today.

Editor: D. Guthrie BD, MTH, PHD; J.A. Motyer MA, BD; A.M. Stibbs MA; D.J. Wiseman OBE, MA, DLIT, FBA, FSA.

Penerbit: Inter – Varsity Press

Tahun Terbit: 1976

Berat: 1575 gram

Dimensi: 15 x 24 cm

Jumlah Halaman: 1310

Bahasa: Indonesia

Kondisi: Bekas (Bagus)

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The New Bible Commentary: Revised

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